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                          is the name of Quality and Professional manufacturer in stationery field for office, school and home.

Founded in 1960, committed to our policy of Honesty - High Speed - Top Quality - Continuously Innovation and Efficient Service, we are glad to invite you to be our value partner. We can offer high quality of Communication Boards & Accessory; Extrusion & Injection Plastic Products; Hardware Products such as Easels, chair frame.

                          is at leading position of creating numerous new valuable products; most of the OEM / ODM / Private Label big companies all over the world are our partners. Our head office is located in middle of Taiwan - Taichung City, our factory is in Shenzhen City. We have well experience in handle the China local resource to offer perfect service at all time. We work with engineers and designers from China, Taiwan, Italy and Japan converged on a unique and typical R&D team committed to continuously new product developments.

Over the years, we are the leading manufacturer of Office and Stationery Products in Asia. We have been through big changes of the world, we can offer customers not only competitive costs but most favored customer costs that allow customers to be most competitive at better quality. We strictly execute our Quality Control system to maintain best quality level. Furthermore, we obtained ISO 9001 certification by England BSI since 1999. We have full experience and equipment in product and materials inspection and test. Above all, credit and value is our most concern, being an only-solution for you to enhance the core value of your brand or products in market place. 


We have the confidence that we may have your reliability and meet your satisfaction. For a complete review of what can offer please refer to the web pages or contact our staffs for further service. Join us as our partner and family.

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Founded in Taichung , Taiwan.


Started export business and                            brand was born.

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ISO 9001 certification obtained.


Establishing a production base in Shenzhen , China.


Expand the factory to the current location in Bao'an District , Shenzhen , China.


Established a branch in the United States.


Establishing a branch and shipping warehouse in Italy, Europe.


AJITA INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD                    was established officially.


Glass board production implement                       brand was born.


Established the HAUR LUEN ENTERPRISE Foundation.


brand was born which is for glass board products.


New brand for E-commerce market.


New brand for Glamping.

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