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Head office


Nestled in the heart of the business and shopping haven, our central headquarters is a mere 20 minutes from the high-speed train station, 10 minutes from the primary train station, and an additional 10 minutes from the highway interchange leading to the serenity of the northern or southern routes.

Within the tranquil walls of our office, a delicate orchestration unfolds. The Marketing Service Center gracefully manages the shipping, importing, and exporting of our cherished materials from overseas. The Research and Development (R&D) office, surrounded by the sophisticated ambiance of Taiwan, delicately nurtures the creation of novel ideas and the development of highly technical products. The Financial office, with a gentle touch, steadfastly tends to accounting and financial matters, cultivating amicable relationships with esteemed banking partners. The IT office, like a quiet guardian, oversees the seamless operation of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, maintaining a delicate connection among all branches. To ensure a steadfast supply of essential materials, a global tender is delicately hosted every October.

Our presence graces professional exhibitions worldwide — in Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, the USA, Italy, the UK, and beyond — where a carefully adorned booth awaits. Since 2006, our exclusive focus has been the Frankfurt Fair in late January, where a delicately curated space of 120 square meters unveils our latest creations. We extend a warm invitation for you to delicately reserve a moment with our sales team, as our brand new designs and functionally exquisite products tenderly captivate attention.

At Data Zone, our commitment is a tender embrace, ensuring that customers across all our banners receive nothing short of the finest quality merchandise, surpassing their expectations. Guided by the gentle hand of head office management, our delicate focus extends globally, seeking a harmonious win-win for all. Our trust lies in Best Quality, Continuous Innovation, Service with Honesty, and Customer Satisfaction as our gentlest policies. Every day, we delicately labor with intelligence and joy to provide the most tender service at all times.

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